By Grandma L (5 stars)
I love my lock-it home security bar. I put it in my sliding glass door windows and feel completely safe at night. I especially appreciate the fact I can adjust it to the length I desire. If I want summer time breezes, I can adjust the bar to the fit just how wide I want the door to open. I would say this is a great product and I am very happy with it.

Jodi, (5 stars)
This is exactly what I needed for my upright windows. It fits perfectly in the window track and is very easy to adjust. I read a review about another customer who thought the plastic wasn't strong enough. I disagree. My husband banged the window against the device for about 30 seconds and it worked perfectly. I stopped him because I thought he might break the window. This is sturdily built. Great product.

Beth Kerrik
Adjust-ability is great! (5 stars)
I am very pleased with product. I have been using cut broomsticks in my window tracks for extra security, but what is great about this is the adjust-ability. I can have my window closed and it is fully braced. I can open it two inches for air, and adjust the bar to just the right length. I can use it in a window or in a patio door. It is sturdy. The bar comes with three Velcro stickers but I don't see a need to Velcro it to the window track because it lays securely in the track on its own. I definitely plan to get more of these!

Kelly Middleton (5 stars)
The item was nicely packaged. Instructions not really necessary because it's pretty self-explanatory. We purchased it to replace a wooden board used to chock our sliding glass door in the basement. The incremental holes allow for a much better fit. The item seems very sturdy and holes the door securely with no problem. It is also much more aesthetically pleasing to the eye then a wooden plank! We are extremely happy with this purchase.